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Welcome to the Patient Portal.


You may log in using your username and password.  If you have forgotten your username/password, click Forgot Password below, and then enter your U email address that begins with your University ID (e.g.,  Proxy emails, i.e., will not work for verification.


If you have not already registered, please do so by clicking Sign Up below. You will create a username on the Sign Up page. When entering your University ID on the Sign Up page, you must replace the U in your ID with a zero or the system will not recognize you. Also, your first and last name must match your name in CIS exactly or you will get an error.


After clicking submit, a link will then be emailed to you to set up a password. The system will only use your University of Utah email address for all communication (i.e., Passwords must contain a mix of letters, numbers, upper and lower case characters.


If you are a spouse or dependent of a student, you will need to call our office to set up your account prior to registering for the portal. We will need to setup an account number in place of a student ID for you to register. You will then enter this number in the University ID field when creating your username. We will also need to have a valid email address in our system. This should be the email address you wish to receive your secure message notifications.  


Please call 801-581-6431 to setup your account or for any other questions. 


Please do not share your username and password with anyone else to keep your health information private. 


Once logged in you will have access to online services such as:


  • Secure communication with your provider
  • Submit dates and records for immunization compliance
  • Print a copy of your immunization record
  • Schedule appointments (coming soon)
  • My Chart function (coming soon)



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